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I’m going to talk about an online pharmacy called, which claims to have top-quality Canadian medicines at reasonable prices. This particular store can also go by “Canadian Health & Cara Mall” and enables me to browse the website in 4 different languages. Based on what’s written on its “About Us” page, the company first opened its doors in Toronto and Ottawa as a multistore in the early 90s. Tabs Fast then expanded the business to the online pharmaceutical business in 2000 after getting a license by The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association. As of today, Tabs Fast main office is situated in Mississauga, Canada, and has offices in Dallas USA. The warehouse from where all the meds are shipped is located in Gurgaon, India. Personally, it’s a nice touch to integrate the company’s history on the website. mainly caters products used to treat male’s impotence. I’ve discovered that I can opt for either brand-name or generic medications, directly produced by Indian and USA-based pharmaceutical plants. To be clear, the brand-name drugs are manufactured in the USA, whereas generics are sourced from India. Tabs Fast assured me that all meds are regulated and approved by the FDA, thus being completely safe for consuming.

If I ever run short on my meds and I don’t have time to go to the doctor, I can just order my meds without submitting a prescription for RX meds. Despite the convenience and facility offered by the store, I must remind my readers to always consult a doctor before taking a new drug.

Besides men’s and women’s health-related medications, I am able to find medications for pain relief, antibiotics, sleep aids, blood pressure managers, antidepressants, cholesterol reducers and much more. Online stores which provide Indian sourced meds exist to provide clients with much more cheaper options than local pharmacies. I’ve noticed a colossal decrease in ED meds’ prices comparatively to physical stores – a regular 100 mg pill of Rx Viagra can cost as low as $1.14 and a Cialis 20 mg tablet can be purchased by $1.65 per piece. The payment options are limited to Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

The e-pharmacy doesn’t have any restrictions as it’s able to ship to every country in the world. Clients can choose to have their meds delivered by regular airmail for $15 and takes around 10-21 days to arrive. US clients have access to an express shipping option for $25. With this method, the meds can be transported in about 8-14 days.

Clients who received damaged and wrong packages are entitled to a full refund or a free reshipping. In order to do that, they need to contact customer support via e-mail or phone. Reviews

I’m still not impressed with The only way to impress me is to have decent and reliable reviews from satisfied customers who can attest the service provided by Tabs Fast.

Based on the reviews I found, Tabs Fast is not a recommendable pharmacy.

For example, customer Perez shared his experience with this pharmacy. He starts by alerting future clients to “not buy anything” from as the company is a “fraud“. Perez tried to contact Tabs Fast customer support after not receiving his items, without any luck. Reviews Reviews

Matthew is quite unhappy with Tabs Fast services. According to him, the website is “unclear” for not distinguishing between brand-name meds and generics. After receiving the wrong product, he contacted the store only to get a “flippant” response. The product was also “weaker than the trademark version” which contributed to this client’s dissatisfaction. The client advises future users to verify the type of the product on the checkout page. Regardless, Matthew believes the store’s delivery and response time are “excellent”. Reviews 2016

After reading that a previous client accused the pharmacy of being a rogue, I had to check what Scam Adviser had to say about the security status of

Based on my findings, Tabs Fast is lying about its true whereabouts; Scam Advisor located the website’s domain as China-based. Remember, the pharmacy claimed to be based in Canada. Moreover, the store is unsafe and has a very low trust rating. Trust Rating Trust Rating

As for reviews, another bunch of exclusively positive reviews is available.

George tells he got his meds in “perfect condition”, and Mark shares how “grateful” he is for having this e-shop. I must condemn these reviews as they are available only in the store’s official website. These reviews are unreliable and most likely falsified by the store. Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016 Coupon Codes

As a way to guarantee its clients’ loyalty, online pharmacies often offer a variety of extra discounts. Giving seasonal discounts, like many other e-drugstores, doesn’t seem to be a practice of Tabs Fast. Besides, the company is not providing any valid coupon codes either. is prepared to offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount of money. Regular airmail is free for purchases over $150, whereas express courier can be used free of charge when the order surpasses $300. Free insurance is also given for orders starting with $200. Discount Offers Discount Offers


Based on the information supplied by Scam Adviser and the other previous customers, it is my obligation to not recommend The store is completely unreliable and there’s a high chance of being a scam. The e-shop overall structure is disorganized and is simply not worth my time. I prefer to take my money somewhere safer. Tabs Fast doesn’t even provide an intuitive way to distinguish between brand-name and generic medication when ordering, thus it’s likely I will end up with the wrong meds. I’m giving this pharmacy a 2/5.

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