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The shop is an online store which has a default German language, which indicates that the store is most likely from Germany. Pharmatheke Europe’s site, though its language automatically translated by Google, so even international visitors like me can understand the store details. Despite having a section for the shop details, there are no pieces of information for Pharmatheke Europe’s location (even if the shop’s language gives it away, the store still did not state if it’s from Germany or not) or when its service was born. According to the store details, is a store offering a simple and convenient shopping experience. Pharmatheke Europe’s main goal is to deliver “up-to-date” medical choices for its clients’ medical needs.

The store claims to sell products from brands such as Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Bayer, LIDA, and others, but also offers meds from trusted Indian generic manufacturers such as Ajanta Pharma and similar brands. As for the meds on the PharmathekeEurope, the store only had several drug categories namely meds for potency, slimming, hair loss medications, Viagra for women, meds against smoking, and trial packs. Both brand and generic products are available on, so buyers are able to choose meds depending on their budgets. As for the best sellers, has Viagra Generic, Cialis Generic, Kamagra, Lovegra, and several other products as the commonly bought items on the store. All of the products advertised on are sold without prescriptions, so buyers can freely order items at their own whim on Pharmatheke Europe. However, even if the shop does not ask for buyer prescriptions, the patients are encouraged to consult their doctors prior to ordering anything from the store. According to Pharmatheke Europe, online consultations and virtual assessments should not replace the traditional doctor’s visits, so the store strongly advises the buyers to secure their prescriptions and undergo traditional assessments prior to buying and using any Rx medication on Pharmatheke Europe.

Unfortunately, there were no product prices available on—I checked the individual items on the store and there were no labels for the product costs on the online store. There may have been a glitch or that Pharmatheke Europe, despite its online status, cannot cater to clients anymore.

Since there was no “add to cart” capability on this shop, I wasn’t able to do a mock checkout to view the shipping rates or the accepted payment methods on There was no FAQ section on the store, so there was very limited information on the shop. Usually, stores have an extensive FAQ section to help clients understand how their store works or to at least give an overview of the products available on the online pharmacy. not having this section also caused me to not determine if the meds on the shop were approved by the FDA or not. Policies for reshipments and refunds were also not discussed on, as the store also did not have a section for policies. did not advertise its phone numbers and email addresses, which is fishy. The store had a ticket system instead, powered by Colibri, a third party service. Reviews

Although Pharmatheke Europe did have on-site comments, I couldn’t make myself trust them because often, stores manipulate the reviews accessible in their stores. Instead, I searched for third-party reviews for and found some comments from buyers on the platform Testimonials Testimonials

The store comments were mixed for; the shop had good comments from appreciative buyers, but some of the buyers also complained about the service of Pharmatheke Europe. According to Oleg1212, one buyer, his first order came late but after following up with the store, his order arrived. He also appreciated that the customer support even asked if he already got his order. Reviews Reviews

Thomas Bamberg, another client (posted February 2015), stated that he ordered from for several times and everything went “OK”, so far.

However, the client “laser beam” gave the other buyers a warning for the store. According to him, is selling counterfeits from “Chinese backyard kitchens” and even stated that the store was seen in various German warnings in various publications of the country. Also, the buyer said that the police conducted “house visits” for the clients of this store, so buyers should be warned. Feedback Feedback

Although more clients had good comments for, there were several warnings issued for this online pharmacy. According to one moderator, the shop was involved in identity theft, credit card abuse, and selling allegedly fake products. In another comment from one buyer, “martinmuc”, the shop was purportedly advertised in SPAM mails and is a spam site. Reviews 2016

The online pharmacy did not have reviews later than 2015, so I searched several domain analysis sites for their records of Safety Level Safety Level

According to, the store Pharmatheke Europe is a non-recommendable store due to its low trust score. It is an unpopular site with no SSL certificate for buyer security and was therefore branded an unsafe place to shop medications from. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The Scam Adviser result for was also 0 out of 100 for the trust rating and according to the result, Pharmatheke Europe is a high-risk site which may not be safe to use. Although has a long history (almost 8 years), the store was identified as a Rogue pharmacy with malware reports. Coupon Codes

Checking for coupon codes, I was disappointed because the store did not have any vouchers/discount coupons available. This store did not also have any form of other discounts such as free shipping, free pills, or other deals which can help buyers save more in cost.

Conclusion is an online store but it is perplexing that it did not have prices for its products. There may have been a glitch in the store’s system, the shop may be undergoing maintenance, or it’s just that Pharmatheke Europe is not selling meds anymore. had mixed reviews too—some clients were happy about the store’s performance, while others issued advisories for this store’s credibility and involvement in nefarious activities. Considering everything, I am rating 2 out of 5 and I advise you to look for other online pharmacies to patronize.

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