Review – World Famous Pharmacy with Fake Reviews Main Page Main Page is an online pharmacy selling high quality generic and branded medicines. Their suppliers and manufacturers are all duly licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Pharmacy is a proud member of the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association and certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy. Moreover, all the licensed pharmacies included within their network are verified by PharmacyChecker. Their catalog consists mainly of generic drugs for erectile dysfunction, antifungal, antivirals, antibiotics, cholesterol lowering drugs, muscle relaxants, birth control pills, sleeping aids, smoking cessation drugs, antidepressants, pain relievers, skincare products, and many others. The prices of drugs are extremely competitive. One tablet of the generic Viagra only costs $0.27 USD. This is very cheap compared to the innovator brand Viagra. The pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription upon ordering. They expect the clients to seek medical advice before ordering medications from the pharmacy especially if he/she is taking other drugs and with pre-existing conditions.

Currently, the pharmacy accepts payments through Visa and MasterCards. Shipping is worldwide and utilizes two methods; Airmail and EMS Courier Delivery. Airmail delivery costs $9.95 USD and would take at least 2-3 weeks. On the other hand, EMS Courier delivery will only take 3-8 business days but a bit more expensive. It costs $19.95 USD per parcel. If the customer placed an order above $200 USD, the shipping fee shall be waived. doesn’t accept returns, following stringent protocols from the FDA. However, if the package was defective or damaged, the pharmacy shall credit free re-shipping without any additional charges.

Customer support team is available through their US and UK toll-free hotlines or you may leave an e-mail ticket from their website. Reviews

Customer feedbacks were available to verify the efficiency of service provided by Most of the comments are brief and not specific. Feedback Feedback

Matthew from the USA said that the “delivery was OK”. It seems that his feedback was very neutral.

Simona, also from the USA, said that she was “happy”. The package was sent to her on time and everything about the whole process went smoothly.

Kaiman from the United Kingdom said that the whole process was very convenient. He said that it was “easy to order and promptly processed”.

Also from the United Kingdom, a customer named Smith S. said that he had a “great experience” with I am not sure if it was the convenience or the timely delivery he is pertaining to.

Dorothy thinks that the pharmacy offers “good prices and great value for money”. She also thinks that the customer service team was very efficient and they answered all her queries.

Samuel from France liked how the pharmacy gave timely updates about the status of his parcel. He has been a consistent buyer of the pharmacy for several years already. He said that the store was “very honest”.

Sarah from Spain thanked the pharmacy for providing “fast and courteous service”. She was very pleased that her package was delivered fast and the quality of the products was incomparable.

Albeit the good feedbacks from previous customers, please note that these were also found from similar online pharmacies in the market. There is a big possibility that all the reviews were fake and used to give false ideas to the consumers. We do not tolerate this kind of heinous act and I strongly do not recommend using their services. Reviews 2016 and gave bad reviews for and consumers should take note of this before placing orders through their website. Trust Rating Trust Rating Feedback 2016 Feedback 2016 gave a low trust rating for this pharmacy. The website is located in Netherlands but there are also other high-risk countries involved. A malware has also been reported in the website making all personal data to be compromised. It has been tagged as a Rogue Pharmacy.

A customer named John Washington said that is a “scam”. Three weeks has passed but he didn’t receive his order. Safety Information Safety Information

Browsing and buying from aren’t recommended by The website doesn’t own an SSL certificate, so the personal data we put on their website is at risk. Also, the domain is using a service to hide their personal identity.

Please be careful dealing with a bogus website such as It is possible that they are a scam and could steal money from you. Coupon Codes doesn’t offer much coupon discounts for their customers. There is an item on their website wherein you have to put the coupon code assigned to you to get or apply the discount to your order. Coupon Code Coupon Code

Moreover, the pharmacy has a special offer running at the moment. They are selling 10 pills of Viagra 100mg and 10 pills of Cialis 100mg for only $46.16 USD. The offer is really persuading because of the huge discount when you avail of the package.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy selling FDA-approved branded and generic medicines. It covers a wide variety of drugs including those to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The pharmacy is certified by reputable organizations in Canada. Their prices are cheap and they offer very flexible shipping terms.

However, I am rating this online drugstore with 1 out of 5 stars for copy pasting comments and testimonials of previous customers from similar websites. It is important to get genuine feedbacks from your clients to verify the efficiency and quality of the service you provide. In this case, how can you trust a pharmacy that is not true to its vision? We do not tolerate such kinds of acts and classify this website as a scam.

Please stay away from an online drugstore like It is a famous pharmacy with fake reviews.

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