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I like the name Legal Online Pharmacy because it suggests that its store is a legally operating website. Only generic pills are available on and it is easily observable that the shop did not have branded medications available on its store due to the generic product images found on its main page. Even though I scoured the store, I was unable to determine where this store operates from or when its service started. The copyright date on the shop’s bottom states 2015, but the store may have operated earlier than the date. No “about us” section exists on the store so more details for this online shop are left out.

According to Legal Online Pharmacy’s FAQ section, all of the products on the site are approved by the Indian Food and Drug Administration. All of the products are also sourced from India, which is the world’s largest generic product manufacturer. There is no question regarding India-made products from well-accredited companies, and the Indian FDA accreditation is also a good marker of product quality.

There are only a handful of medical categories catered to by Legal Online Pharmacy and they are ADHD medicines, male impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment, weight loss pills, pain relief, and sleeping pills. All the meds available on the store are also published on the store’s main page.

The main marketing ploys of are its lowest price guarantee, “home delivery”, 24/7 support, money back guarantee, easy purchases, products from “trusted manufacturers”, and of course, no doctor visits. did not ask for prescriptions from its buyers so clients were able to order freely from this online store. Stores which do not ask for Rx copies from clients are rather dangerous since they encourage the clients to self-diagnose their illnesses and also self-medicate on Rx meds. Even if it seems convenient for some clients, the risk for complications and adverse drug effects are actually higher when buyers self-medicate on online drugs they are able to procure without Rx.

Erectile dysfunction products sold in are only a handful too. Legal Online Pharmacy only has Kamagra 100 mg, Generic Cialis 20 mg, and generic Viagra 100 mg. It is misleading, though, that the store posted the brand-name product photos for the products instead of the actual product photos. Kamagra is sold at for $1.98 to $3.33 per pill and for a minimum order of 30 pills. Generic Cialis is sold on the shop from $1.92 to $3.50 per pill and also for a minimum of 30 pills, while generic Viagra is sold on Legal Online Pharmacy for $1.95 to $3.55 per pill and still for a minimum purchase of 30 pills.

The shipping rate charged by to its clients is a fixed $30 and the store caters to buyers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world. As for the payments, the store accepts payments done via VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, and American Express.

Legal Online Pharmacy states that it will reship orders with missing products, but it did not say anything about damaged orders.

You can contact using their email addresses ([email protected] and [email protected]). The store did not provide contact numbers, so you have to reach them via email alone. Reviews

One review for the store was actually a mixed comment. According to the buyer Kthurmon, the store sent him the wrong product initially. But overall, he gave Legal Online Pharmacy a fair rating for being willing to correct its mistake. Reviews Reviews

The user’s comment summary also indicated that he received his order in 30 days and that his order was discreetly packaged and was also firmly wrapped. No discussion on the effectiveness of the products was observed on the comment. Reviews 2016

Even if did have a good comment from an external review source, another buyer complained of the store’s inability to deliver. Review 2016 Review 2016

According to the user, Zuni, the shop Legal Online Pharmacy is a fake online store. I am confused, though, because the user said that he was unable to receive his product from the store, yet he insisted that the products from were fake. Although this review sounds confusing, the fact that this complaint existed for meant a lot for this store. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Because no other comments were accessible, I used Scam Adviser to evaluate The result for the domain evaluation by Scam Adviser for Legal Online Pharmacy was poor—the shop was 0/100 for its trust rating. Although the store was slightly popular, it was considered as a rogue store with malware reports. is also using a service to hide its actual location. Coupon Codes

There were no coupon codes presented on, but the store had something else in mind for its clients. Legal Online Pharmacy gave more pills for buyers paying for their orders via AMEX. gave 10% more pills for clients paying via this credit card option. Extra Pills Offer Extra Pills Offer

Besides the “more pills” deal, there were no other promotional discounts or offers on I hoped buyers are at least given freebie pills or even a conditional free shipping, but the store did not have anything for its buyers besides the existing AMEX deal.

Conclusion is a store with mixed buyer reviews. A client commended the shop for its willingness to sort out the order rift, whilst another buyer ranted at the shop’s inability to deliver and its alleged “fake” pills. I because the store had a complaint, I can only give it 2 out of 5 and recommend the use of other online pharmacies for your drug needs.

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