Review – Online Pharmacy Business Pioneer Is no Longer in Operation! Main Page Main Page was one of the first online pharmacies that operate worldwide. It started operation in 1999. Currently, this website is no longer available and operational. Despite the fact that this site is no longer available for customers, I went ahead to check it and figure out whether it went out of business or it just merged with other online pharmacy stores. used to be the top online provider of anabolic steroids, human hormones, and antiestrogen drugs. During its time, it was known for its strict handling of customer information. Basing from its name, I believe that this online pharmacy was probably based in Europe.

When it was still working, has different categories where customers can find the medicine they are looking for. Although their bestsellers were anabolic steroids, human hormones, and antiestrogen drugs, prior to the site shutting down, they also offered Cialis and Viagra. A thorough Google search about revealed very few information about the site. No information was found whether the medicines they offered were FDA approved.

The payment option used by during its operation was via credit card (Visa and MasterCard). According to a third-party review site, had hidden charges. In addition, one of the risks cited by this website was the risk of having unauthorized charges on credit card accounts after the initial purchase.

Just like today’s operating online pharmacies, also used Airmail and EMS for delivering orders. The Express Mail Delivery or EMS they used costs $6 and packages were delivered within 8 days upon order completion. As for Regular Airmail, orders were delivered within 21 business days. According to a third-party reviewer of, delayed deliveries in some countries were attributed to local courier’s issue. The site has no control over other factors that might affect delivery time such as unavailability of customers to receive their package, leading to redeliveries (and delays).

No clear information was found regarding the site’s refund policy and although third-party reviewers say they had a phone and chat support departments this information are no longer available and verifiable. Reviews

Despite the fact that is no longer available, reviews and feedback about the site are still available from third-party sites. Customer Experience Customer Experience

One of their customers who wanted to remain anonymous shared that he/she was a loyal customer of He said he had been getting his medicine from this site in the last 3-4 years since he wrote this review. Based on the review, orders from normally arrives in 4-week time even though the reviewer was in France. In addition, the reviewer also loved the fact that lost packages always get replaced by the site.

Another anonymous reviewer wrote 6 years ago about his/her experience. Anonymous reviewer said he/she was so satisfied with the service he/she was receiving from and that all of his/her questions always got answered. The last review we got from was from mariob, testifying that this online pharmacy was not a scam.

One thing I noticed in these reviews was the positive vibes it gave to The first thing I noticed was how everything was so positive, from customer support to timely delivery and to their satisfaction with the medicines they were receiving. I am thinking that these 6 years reviews of were fake and unreal or were written by people who were paid by Besides, why would they keep their identity anonymous if they are really proud and happy with the service they received from! Reviews 2016

Although is no longer operational, an analysis from is still available for this site. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

According to, did not pass the verification standards set by the website in order to become a legit website. This site was classified as “rogue site” and was not recommended for use. Trust Rating Trust Rating

On, had a very low trust rating. It was also tagged as a “high-risk” site. With 0% trust rating, I would say that this website had not had much visitors when it was still in business. Coupon Codes

Just like most online stores, lured potential customers by using coupon codes and discounts. Discount Offer Discount Offer

Most customers of (if there were any) used to take advantage of their discounted offers. They offer medicines at 8%, 20%, and 30% discount. No information was provided though on the list of discounted products they used to offer.


Although is no longer operational, it is amazing to still find information about it. There are third-party sites who actually wrote reviews about this online pharmacy. used to sell anabolic steroids, human hormones, and antiestrogen drugs as well as Cialis and Viagra. They used to accept credit card payments and used EMS and Airmail for their shipping methods. In addition, this website also has different reviews despite the fact that these reviews seem to be written by the owner or were paid reviews. One third-party website praised for its strict handling of their customer’s information. Being an online shopper, I understand how important it is for buyers to have their information protected and secure at all times.

Since the site is no longer viewable, I was lucky enough to check the status of this site from and Both websites gave a negative review, citing the site as “high-risk” and “rogue”.

Based on the information I gathered on this site, there is no evidence that it merged with other online pharmacies or another website. Looking at the available information I gathered, I am now giving it 1 out of 5 stars.

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