Review – You Can Proceed With Your Order Safe Main Page Main Page is an online drugstore which has served more than 90000 customers during the years. The pharmacy is located in Surrey, Canada and is catering cheap prescription and OTC drugs. A valid prescription must be sent to the company to validate the order.

The company claims to be dedicated to providing an affordable alternative to many life-necessity meds for people who simply cannot buy meds at typical prices. I know Canada Pharmacy has been around for some years, but the company doesn’t specify since when it started operating. Based on my gatherings, is a certified pharmacy and regulated by CIPA. I can rest assure that my meds will be accredited and compliant under the Canadian Health Laws.

The most popular products dispensed by Canada Pharmacy are the ones who fit under sexual health, particularly for men’s health. Whilst the prices are more economic than local stores, a pill of Generic Viagra still costs $8.25 and each Cialis tablet is priced at $9.25, which is costlier than most e-pharmacies. The drugs are FDA-approved and come from affiliated pharmacies in India, Australia, and Europe.

I like to be protected in case something happens, including if I am not satisfied with the product quality. I verified that Canada Pharmacy has a refund policy for such cases, and I just need to file an order for a refund within 30 days after receiving the goodies. I just don’t know which payment options I can use to purchase my medicines.

Continuing to the shipping – has available 3 different methods. The cheaper one is a standard airmail for $10 paid each time I place an order. If I purchase more frequently, I can pay a fee of $20 once and won’t have to pay it again for one year, or $50 for a lifetime of free shipping. The company didn’t clarify how long until the package is delivered.

For further questions, Canada Pharmacy can be reached out through email or calling its toll-free numbers (1-800-883-6005). The customer service is on call 7 days a week from 8 AM and Midnight. Reviews

The only way I can trust a store is if I find decent reviews from customers who purchased from Otherwise, I’d hardly recommend their services to anyone. Reviews are crucial to analyze a pharmacy’s professionalism and credibility.

Canada Pharmacy has a bundle of both positive and negative feedbacks.

I will start with the bad news first. Murat Uzuntepe gives a straight 1-start rating, wishing he could give zero stars. Apparently, the store got this person’s number and keeps harassing him for “at least 4 years”. Murat never bought anything from the store. If this is true, it’s a severe violation of privacy but says nothing regarding the ordering and delivery process of Canada Pharmacy.

Garry believes this e-store has a great customer service and prices. He has been using Canada Pharmacy for some time in order to save some extra bucks. Garry reinforces the amazing price list by saying he’d not been able to afford his meds without Canada Pharmacy. Moreover, the “shipping is fast and reliable”.

Yvonne also never encountered any problem, saying that Canada Pharmacy is a “good company” and “always great”.

The pharmacy was labeled as a “life savior” by user AngelID who has been buying meds from for the “past three years”. The user explains how he saved “thousands” of dollars in meds. Moreover, he says the customer service is “always helpful” and the shipping is “great”. Feedback Feedback Reviews 2016

The number of existing reviews is limited and I wasn’t able to find any recent ones. Without them, I always perform a quick security check on the main analyzers on the Internet. If they give me a positive evaluation, then I know I can proceed safely with my order. isn’t considered a safe and reliable store by Scam Adviser. This tool has its suspicions; thus, Canada Pharmacy is a low trust rating website. This is partly due to the fact the real location of the store is being hidden, but the domain is based in Ireland. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Legit Script warns me to the fact that is an unapproved internet pharmacy. The tool tells me it’s likely I will receive my meds, but there’s a chance the products aren’t regulated since Canada Pharmacy isn’t a licensed store. Is an Unapproved Internet Pharmacy Is an Unapproved Internet Pharmacy Coupon Codes

I searched for new ways to save my money when buying from this store. Unfortunately, is not offering many discounts, only a $50.00 gift code for referrals. The system is a bit odd as the person I referred is obligated to place $100 order for me to receive the gift. As soon the order is placed, that person will also get the same coupon to be used in a next purchase.

I’d like to see more discounts that don’t depend on other people. I hope Canada Pharmacy is providing seasonal sales at least.

Conclusion is far away from being the worst pharmacy online. As a matter of fact, I consider this e-shop to be quite decent and somehow reliable. There are some things I want to highlight: one is Legit Script’s warning about Canada Pharmacy being an unapproved pharmacy. The store claims to be a licensed pharmacy but clearly, the store is not compliant with certain regulations. However, I do believe deliveries what it is supposed to and won’t leave me empty handed without my meds.

I believe the store has an average reputation and is fairly recognized in the market. It’s not bad but it’s not the ideal solution. I’d probably try to order some drugs as a trial. Thus, I’m giving a final score of 3/5.

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